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Welcome students to apply for our college !

College of Economics and Management of Taiyuan University of Technology has 4 departments comprised of the following disciplines: management science, accounting, business administration, and economics and trade, and 2 education centers which are MBA and MPAcc.

The college currently has 1 primary discipline entitled for conferring doctorate in management science and engineering; 1 interdisciplinary doctoral program of energy technology economics and management; 2 primary disciplines entitled for conferring master degrees in management science and engineering, and business administration; 3 specialties for master degrees in MEM, MBA and MPAcc. The college now offers 6 undergraduate majors comprised of the following disciplines: engineering management, accounting, logistics management (with aviation logistics direction), international economy and trade, marketing, and energy economy.

The college attaches great importance to foreign cooperation and exchange and has extensive cooperation with well-known foreign universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Japan in personnel training and academic exchanges. Meanwhile, we set up a separate class taught in English for international students who major in international economics and trade to effectively promote international education.

Welcome students to apply for our college !

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